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Seward County Zoning Department

Official: Marissa Pfile

Phone:  (402)643-3525
Location:  529 Seward Street #206., Seward, NE  68434
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 4:00pm 

Functions of the Planning & Zoning Office


The primary responsibility of the Seward County Planning & Zoning Office is to administer and enforce zoning regulations in Seward County. Conduct building inspections and perform building inspections of the construction of waste control systems.

Any constructing, reconstructing, enlarging, alteration or moving of any nonfarm building or structure requires a permit in all areas of Seward County Zoning Jurisdiction. A nonfarm building or structure is any building except those buildings utilized for agricultural purposes on a farmstead of twenty acres or more which produces one thousand dollars or more of farm products each year.


Permits are used to insure compliance to building code, statutes and regulations, and is the process for an individual to learn the requirements prior to the start of a project. Permits are not required for maintenance such as painting, papering, re-roofing etc.

​There are Two Types of Permits:

Zoning Building Permit

A Zoning Building Permit is required when building a new home:          

1) All Zoning Density Requirements are met.                                               

2) All Zoning Requirements are met                                                               

3) 35 foot set back from the property line                                                     

4) Location of well/septic or lagoon                                                               

5)NE IBC Code 2008 or above regulations apply                                          

6) 1 set of building plans are required.                                                          

7) Certified State Electrical Inspection.                                                          

8) $75.00 fee is associated with this permit

Development Permit

A Development Permit is required when doing construction:

1) Any building measuring more than 8X8

2) All zoning Requirements are met.

3) Any exterior/interior construction

4) Location of well/septic or lagoon

5)NE IBC Code 2008 or above regulations apply

6) Certified State Electrical Inspection

7) $75.00 fee in associated with this permit.









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