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Seward County Weeds Department

Phone: 402-646-0537
Location: 2879 McKelvie Road, Seward, NE  68434
Hours:  Monday-Friday 7am-3:30pm

Functions of the Weed Department

  • Encourage and develop better weed control practices.

  • Inspect all lands under the jurisdiction of the control authority to determine if the Nebraska Noxious Weed Control Act and the rules and regulations are being complied with.

  • Complete 20 hours of continuing education annually.

  • Be certified with the Nebraska Department of Agriculture as a commercial applicator

  • Supervise and carry out the coordinated control program within the county.

  • Compile infestation data and other reports as the Nebraska Director of Agriculture or control authority may require.

  • Perform forage certification inspections and article inspections.

  • Provide herbicide recommendations and biological information for the control of noxious weeds.

Nebraska’s 12 Noxious Weeds

Landowner Guide for Controlling Phragmites 

These videos are produced by Tim Smith from the Western Republican River Riparian Improvement Project.  



The Problem With Invasives – Part 1 
















The Problem With Invasives – Part 2




















Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need a noxious weed law? 
A weed is declared noxious when it is determined that it seriously threatens the welfare of the residents of the state and a sustained effort is needed to prevent serious economic loss. Regulations are implemented to control the weed and prevent its spread.

Do lease agreements between tenants and landowners change legal responsibility to control noxious weeds?
No. All legal notices are required by law to be served to the landowner regardless of any lease agreement.

Can a landowner be forced to control noxious weeds on their property?
Failure to comply with a served legal notice can result in a fine up to $1,500 or being billed for control work being done.

What about weeds such as sunflowers, bindweed, dandelions and velvetleaf?
Only those weeds designated as noxious by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture are under the jurisdiction of the weed control authority.

Lower Platte Weed Management Area

This website provides information about the Lower Platte Weed Management Area (LPWMA). The site provides minutes from meetings and upcoming agendas.

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