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Seward County Detention Center

Director: Brandon Noordhoek
Phone:  402-643-9453

FAX:  (402) 643-0175
Location:  261 South 8th Street, Suite 099 Seward, NE  68434

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Whom should I contact if an emergency has occurred and I need to forward the information to an inmate?

    • Call (402)643-9453 – Explain the situation and they will assist you. You will not be able to talk to the inmate immediately. The inmate may be permitted to call you after the emergency has been verified.


  • When can I visit?

    • Please see the Visitation Page


  • Where do I go to post someone’s bond, pay someone’s fine, or place money on an inmate’s account?

    • Seward County Justice Center, 261 S. 8th St. Cash or debit/credit card will be accepted in the kiosk in the Front Lobby.


    • U.S. Postal money orders, Cashier’s Checks, and cash can be sent through the mail to:

      • Seward County Detention Center

                      Attention: Inmate’s Name

                      261 S. 8th St Suite 099

                      Seward, NE 68434

               Personal checks will not be accepted.


  • Can I receive the bond money back to myself?

    • Yes, you will need to push the intercom in Front Lobby by the kiosk and notify the Detention Center staff of your request.

    • If paying on, you will need to call the jail (402)643-9453 and notify the Detention Center staff of your request.


  • How can I contact an inmate via telephone?

    • Telephone calls cannot be placed to inmates. Inmates have daily use to the telephones that allow them to place calls. Inmates have the opportunity to purchase phone time with money from their inmate account. Please see the Phone Calls Page.


  • May I send mail to an inmate?

    • Yes, as long as the sender does not have a no-contact with the inmate or as long as the correspondence does not jeopardize the public or facility safety and security. Incoming mail will not be delivered to the inmate if it contains contraband or does not have a return address on the envelope. All mail shall be addressed:

      • Seward County Detention Center

                     Attention: Inmate’s Name

                     261 S. 8th St Suite 099

                     Seward, NE 68434

  • Can an inmate receive property?

    • With prior approval: glasses, medications, and medical prosthetics may be accepted are the only accepted items.


  • When does an inmate go to court after arrest?

    • Typically, the inmate will have a bond review set for the Wednesday after arrest. If the court is not available that day, they review will be set for another day.


  • Towing Companies:

    • If you have a vehicle that has been towed due to incarceration, the registered owner can contact the towing company and set up a time to recover the vehicle.

      • Companies that are used in Seward County are:

        • Meyer Ford (402)643-6673 during hours; (402)641-7765 after hours

        • Midwest (402)641-8166

        • Potter Repair (402)643-0615

        • State Patrol (402)417-4545

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