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Seward County
Board of Commissioners 

Meeting Time: Tuesdays at 9:00 a.m. 
Location: Courthouse - Room 303
These meetings are open to the public    

Bridge Investment Program (BIP), Northwest Seward County Bridges

Home to 312 miles of the Big Blue River, Seward County has 188 bridges.  Over the last two decades we have utilized local/state and federal match programs to keep the structural integrity of our bridges in compliance with regulations. This includes repairs to or replacement of nearly all bridges. We have invested millions of county dollars in combination with state and federals dollars to ensure travel is safe and possible. Five bridges have been identified in the northwest part of Seward County that are currently in need of repair (C00800210, C008000820, C008001410, C008020705, and C008011605). Three of these bridges are directly over the Big Blue in the Staplehurst area with one being on the Butler County line. Two provide access over tributaries of the Big Blue that are main routes of travel, especially during peak seasons (harvest and planting). 

Due to age, failing decks, and increased weight limits, combined with advancements in agricultural equipment (wider and heavier machinery and trucks) these bridges have become fracture-critical. Even with posted weight limit signs, trucks and machinery are still regularly crossing these structures putting them at greater risk for failure in the near future. If any one of these bridges fails, it will cut off access to rural residents as well as creating major issues for EMS services, bus routes, and challenges during planting, spraying, irrigation & harvest seasons.

The cost to complete this project is approximately $11 million. The Board of Commissioners submitted an $8.8 million federal Infrastructure grant request in March, 2024. Funding for these grants is available to the entire United States (rural and urban areas). Notice of award will come in the summer of 2024.


11605 Old Mill West of 336th


210 Ashland E of 357


20705 N of Branched Oak on 434


820 Rock Creek West of 336th


1410 Raymond Road, West of 308th

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