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Seward County
Board of Commissioners 

Meeting Time: Tuesdays at 9:00 a.m. 
Location: Courthouse - Room 303
These meetings are open to the public    

Safe Streets and Roads, Milford

Milford is home to Southeast Community College (SCC), which is located on the southeast side of the city. It has more than 1,200 students and employees who attend annually with plans for steady growth in the next three to five years. The campus is split in the middle by the main south access route to the City of Milford, State Street. Students must cross State Street to attend classes, access parking, the dining hall, residences, administrative buildings, and other facilities. State Street sees approximately 23,000 vehicles on average per week, that travel through campus. Many of these vehicles are semis, dump trucks, and other high load capacity vehicles on their way to G and P Landfill located 1.8 miles directly south. There is no other direct route to the landfill, and without taking county roads (and a very lengthy detour), this is the only access from the north utilized by these drivers.


The City of Milford, City of Milford Police Department, Southeast Community College, Seward County Roads Department, Seward County Sheriff Department, and the Seward County Board of Commissioners receive several reports of near pedestrian/motor vehicle accidents along the State Street corridor annually. On the south end of campus, there is a “blind hill” because of the grade. Students often cross in undesignated crossing areas, causing increased concerns. Additionally, the landfill has made requests to increase the amount of solid waste coming into the facility which will only increase the number of high load capacity vehicles that could travel through State Street. 

To address these issues, the Seward County Board of Commissioners, City of Milford, and Southeast Community College would like to create an action plan to address the safety issues by December 1, 2024, using Safe Streets and Roads Funding. If awarded, we would create a task force, led by a local consultant, the Seward County Board of Commissioners, and the Seward County Roads Department to engage citizens of the City of Milford and Seward County, as well as representatives from G&P Landfill, the City of Milford, SCC, and other experts to develop the plan. Results would be utilized to apply for further funding to complete implementation.

The Board of Commissioners applied for a Planning Grant for a feasibility study in 2023 and received inconclusive feedback and a request to resubmit. The board will resubmit this project for a Planning Grant in April 2024 with notification to follow in summer.



Standing to the north of the crosswalk, looking south.


Just before the crosswalk, looking to the south.


Standing at the south end of campus, looking north.


Looking south towards G & P Landfill.

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